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I am of Leguan March 1, 2010

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I am of Leguan
Island in the Essequibo River
A piece of land surrounded by water
Perched at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean
Where, as a child I had lots of fun
Running along the beach up and down
I couldn’t imagine a better place
Anywhere on the earth’s face

I am of Leguan
Where birds sang from dust to dawn
And children played on grassless lawns
Marbles, hide and seek, hop scotch
And hunted for remnants left by the Dutch
While Island mothers kept their watch
Tending to their kitchen garden patch
I am of Leguan
Where people were free to follow their religion
Christian, Hindu, Muslim lived peacefully
Side by side in houses of wood and troolie
They worked together took care of each other
They saw in each other a sister or a brother
Village parents raised the children
And kept an eye on their neighbours fowlpen

I am of Leguan
Land with rivers, trenches and ponds
Sea defence to keep out the water
And Our land from going under
Screams of bellyful laughter

The roadside was lined with sandflowers and daisies
Yards with Mango and many other fruit trees Nutritious snacks to feed the young
When the bam bye was too much of a bun bun

I am of Leguan
Land of the folks with huge heart and braun
People who live for hard work
Throw away the European knife and form
Dig into their callaloo and rice with bare hands
With great respect for colonial ways
They reserve for holidays and Sundays

After six days of work in the fields
Sunday is the day for spirits to yield
To God what is His
Praise and thanks for the biz
Rub down feet with home made coconut oil
Relax and take a break from life’s toil.


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