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Letta fram home March 1, 2010

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Ah gat a letta
from home today
without opening am
aknow what it gwine seh
a latta hard time stories
people bustin de behins
to mek ends meet
yet getting no way

Yeah, I kian see dem
arms reachin crass de seas
begging me fuh please sen money
to buy bread, butta and cheese
some rice, split peas and good flowa
please, please, please,
meh cousin, me data, me sista
ah beggin on bended knees

Meh neece want a new dress
foh a weddin she gat to attend
me nephew want a new pants
to replace de wan he kian mend
Everyboday want someting from meh
because ah live in dis farin country

No use tellin dem
bout me own poverty
all de gon seh
Meh plain mean an greedy
because me living in Kianana
de land of milk a honey
ting kiant be dat bad
dat I kian send dem some money.


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