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Play mate March 1, 2010

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Memories of you
fan the flames of my heart
so many moons have gone by
yet it feels like a whisper away

The days we languished together
on nature’s carpet
bled from little cuts
from the razor lemon grass
as we rolled in childish play
Sometimes our innocent musings
took us way into the future
We were the best of friends
we were first cousins
we shared the same grandmother
Our thoughts seemed blend together
our convictions just as strong
But I, the stronger one they said
Who persuade you to play by the seawall
although forbidden to
Because I was the opinionated one.

Remember how you wrappede your arms about me
as we slept on the floor
upon a few rice bags and beddings on top
with little straw pillows under our head
and stitched together flour bags for our coverlet
those cozy moonlit nights.

We promised to be neighbours
when we grew up
You and Leslie and I and Ken
We had everything neatly planned
ignorant of life’s destiny
We thought life was a piece of cake
that was laid out for us to choose
that everything was black and white
in our youthful naievete
I am here in winterland Canada
You are in hot Geogetown Guyana
How different lives we lead
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
But somehow it all seems right, isn’t it Ellis.


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