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Success CM School – Phoenix Leguan March 6, 2010

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Success CM school, my alma mater

A show of its former self

Stands at the juncture

Separating Louisiana from Success Village

The yard appears over run with pintas and other weeds

Driving past there last October

Memories of the good times

Tugged at my heart string

That played the tunes of yester years

The two-storied building was new

Stood out like a beacon to guide students

A symbol of higher learning

For many of our parents who didn’t know letters

It was Canadian Mission School

Supported by the Canadian Church people

They fed us dry sweet biscuits

That tasted like cardboard mashed up with a little sugar

Each morning we’d line up in a straight line

To receive our daily dose of cod liver oil capsules

The teacher popped into our mouths

And a glass of pink coloured sweetened milk

Because they saw us as underfed and malnourished

They didn’t understand the power of mangoes, star apple

Genip, soursop, sapodilla, ochre, Callao

Shrimp, patwa, iguana, hourie, fresh cow milk

And all the ground provisions and rice

Foods we eat every day

The school reminded me of rounders,

Hide and seek, cricket and the morning drills

Walking from Louisiana to Phoenix and back

Left right, left right, left right, lift higher, left

Who can forget Teacher Vera?

The fiercest amongst the teachers that all feared

She taught standards one and two

She was the most loved because she showed us love

She always had an endearing term for each one of us

Those days at Success CM School were the best

I could think of anywhere else that I would want to be

I couldn’t imagine a nicer place anywhere on earth

Because everything I wanted was there within my reach.


23 Responses to “Success CM School – Phoenix Leguan”

  1. Jaideo Prashad Says:


    I am Jaideo Prashad, third and last son of Sam Pandit of Louisana, Leguan. I attended Success C.M. School until 1962. I could relate to everything you wrote. Let us get connected just for old time sake.


    • Leguanite Says:

      Thanks for takint the time to leave a message. Great. I left Success CM school to go to High School in Blenheim that was run by some people from India. I lived in Phoenix – best days of my life growing up there. Did you have Teacher Raj, Dolly, Rookmin and the people who used to own a little store and theatre in Lousiania and Bhum the man who sold ice on Sat and ha a little sweet shot in Louisiana?
      keep in touch?

  2. Jaideo Prashad Says:

    This is getting more and more better. In 1952 my Prep A Teachers were Teacher Inez and Teacher Edna (deceased and wife of David Karran also known as Bharrat). My Preb B Teacher was Teacher Vira or Mrs. Davidson. My First Standard teacher was Teacher Chan (Ramjattan) my Second Standard Teacher was Glen Holder (deceased very young) and then Teacher Ayube, My Third Standard Teacher was Teacher Mervin (Jagroop), My Fourth Standard Teacher was Teacher Raj Persaud My Fifth Standard Teacher was Patrick Mootoo and My sixth Standard Teacher was the Head Master Joseph Nim Dharry. When I started school our Head Master was Francis Eleaza Caryl. He got things done the way he wanted. Later in my life he reminded me of L.F.S. Burnham, After I passed my School Leaving Examination, I went to Georgetown in 1963 and Attended Guyana Oriental College, After graduated , I worked for the Prestigeous Law Firm of Cameron & Shepherd, Moved on to another Law Firm “Harcourt Hall”, with Prominent Lawyers such as Fenton Ramsahoye, M.A.A.McDoom, Moen McDoom, Doodnauth Singh, Michael Tang. I left the firm as Managing clerk in 1973 for the U.S.A, where I persue studies in accounting. Today my wife Rosemary and I own a Lawn and Landscape business in Punta Gorda, Florida. Back to Leguan, Of course every one knew Bhoom, the man with the big belly owned a parlour and sold crushed ice. he used to raise chickens in his shop. Do You remember Mrs. Ward? She made the best sugar cake, Buns, Mauby, and ginger beer. The persons who owned the general Store, Laxhmi Cinema at La Bagatelle, and the Shell & Texaco Gas Station were Kuloo (Rampati) and his wife Lizi, they were our next door neighbour. Do you remember Baranka, he owned a drygoods store and parlour and beer garden, he was my cha cha, we used to flock his shop on Saturday nights and listen to radio Demerara, Sam Chase & Jack Melo, then Calypsos by Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchena and others. Therins, Success, Louisiana and Pheonix was a great place to live. Growing up there I thought it was one big family with lots of love and respect. My favourite days at school was Harvest Time and inter school sports. For many years Success C. M. School proudly displayed the Cups, Throphys and Sheilds in every field from sports, gardening and scholastic achievement. I was proud to be president of our 4H Club. At one exhibition for the Island of Leguan, I took home the blue ribbon for my heifer. At Enterprise school ground, I entered the one mile race in the inter school competion and without practicing, I came in first. Actually I was pushed into the race because Dwarka our school competitor did not show up. This can go on and on so lets save some for later. I will still like to know who are you.

    • Leguanite Says:

      Boy you’ve got a better memory that me. But maybe we were in the same class. I had Teacher Vira in Prep A and I think Pre B too. Who can forget her, she used to beat bad but she was a nice lady. I think she is still alive somewhere in the United States. I had teacher Chan as well. Remember when he would have an epileptic episode and the whole school would run out the place because he used to make a loud noise and then fall on the floor and begin to thrash about. Glen Holder, yes, he died pretty young. I still remember him sometimes. That probably was the first cancer death in the school and people were saying that Headmaster Carol had worked obeah on him. It was hard for the parents to accept the death of their son who was so young and promising.
      My real name is Elsa Archer, my father (God rest his soul) was Cardigan aslo known as Cardy and my mom (God rest her soul) Sarah. Everybody knew him because he was the old spade and shovel-maker on the Island. People came from all over the Island for him to make their shovel. You probably remembered Ellis Verbeke and the Carters. Family friends in Louisiana were the Austins and Walkers. Mr. Dharry came after Teacher Raj died. I had Mr. Mootoo he was pretty touch and used the cane a lot.and my favourite teacher was Mr. Harripaul who used to ride a little motor cycle to work. He was a quite and nice teacher. I used to do the Egg and spoon race and came in third when we competed against Maryville School at Maryville. Those were the days. There were also Teacher Ayube and Teacher Mervyn (the quiet one). Success CM School was one of the best on the Island. I am so proud of it. I never thought I could have lived anywhere else but Leguan because it is where I had the best days of my life. Do you remember Dahood, a classmake who was Muslim. I remember him fasting every year. During Ramadan he would faithfully fast while all of us would be eating around him and it did not bother him.

      So your father was a Pandit, so he might have had something to do with the Oil roti and dhal and rice we used to get during phagwah season as the Hindu Temple next to the school? I am still trying to place who you are. Did you have another name that people called you.l Where did your folks live in Louisiana? You remember Mrs. Barka? She owned a big yard and some rental joined houses not far from Silas.’
      Well, I am sure we are class mates or school mates.
      The internet is a wonderful technology. Through it we can connect with people we might have never connected with again. You’re the smart one – landing in a nice warm place. I am living in the lady of the snow Canada. Canada is a great country, though it is cold, people’s hearts are warm. I like it here. There are about 500 to 1000 Guyanese living here. You seemed to be doing pretty well up there in Florida.
      Let’s keep in touch countryman. Jog my memory some more.

      • Jaideo Prashad Says:

        Hi Elsa,

        Your name ring a bell, but we were definitely not class mates but definitely school mates. That’s my name, Jaideo nick name “Bunkup” Before I go further Boyee Archer was my class mate, is he your brother or cousin? How about Baldwin Archer, I clearly remembered him he is about 5 years older than me and about the same age of my brother Roy. I have another brother name Babojee nickname “Ta Tang”. I think you were my sister’s classmate her name is Sheilwattie or Sheila. My youngest sister is Mahadai or Nalo. We are six brothers and sisters in this order. Roy, Savo, Babojee, Me, Sheila and Nalo. O.K. this will help you to remember where we lived. Going to Phoenix on the seawall side the first house and shop is Karan Singh, the second is Prince, the third is Bridgette Ward, the third is Tularam or Bolo, the fourth is Kuloo, the person who owned the store and Cinema and the fifth is where we lived the Second house in the Yard. I think you got it.

        Back to Success C. M. School here are some teachers who you might remember. Mr. Hing, a Chinese teacher he used to ride a motor cycle from La Bagatelle, Teacher Kishore, teacher Persaud, from Kingston Leguan, teacher Alladin, he used to room and board at Karran Singh, Jean, (Joseph Nim Dharry’s daughter) Samuel and his sister Jean Bissessar from Maryville, their brother Jimmy Bissessar was a student there and he was my class mate, teacher Bata who is now a Pandit at Success. teacher Deodharry (teacher Chan’s brother, he comitted suicide over a love affair with teacher Eunice, and teacher Carl Wade, he used to be a student at Success C. M. School but he was from Back Part. They were all short term teachers.

        Success C, M. School put out some great scholars. David Karan was a student and teacher. He later went to England and became a Barrister-at-law, he did not make good as a lawyer but landed himself a good job as the first Academic Registrar of U.G. I am sure you know the Tihal Family, the eldest son Tribeni was a school teacher and became a head master his brother Ramdas Tihal went to Canada, won the Toronto Mayor’s scholarship and became a Cardiologist. Patrick Mootoo’s son Ivor is a MD. Girdharry Oree (teacher Eunice’s brother) this guy was a failure in school but he was self taught. He won the Rice Marketing Board Scholarship to University of Guyana and later became a Profesor at the said University. Lakhan Seenanan he became a Prison Officer and rose to the rank of Dirctor of Prisons in Guyana.

        I am proud to mention some of my class mates who did well I am sure you can remember them most of whom started out as school teachers and moved on, they are Edward Mosley, Lalbachan nicknamed Arthur, Bridgenandan Oree nick name Winkie, Vidyah, Hemoutie Boodhoo (Moutie) Rohan Tiwari nickname Khanai (He was an excellent cricketer and nicknamed after the Professional Cricketer Rohan Khanai.) Ramesh Ramsamuj, (he died young after drinking himself to death) Nizam Mohamed (Giant’s son from Success) Laljee, he became a Policeman but died very young in a car accident.

        I am soooo glad I found you to share good memories of Louisiana/Phoenix.and Success C. M. School. Talk to you soon

      • Says:

        Yes, Sahadeo, you are a little older than I am then. You are my brother Baldwin’s classmate then. He lives in Vreedenhoop with his wife Thelma, she used to be Thelma Dorne. Boyee is my cousin. I know Carl Wade, Rohan Tiwari was a teacher and he had a younger brother who was in my class. Then there are the Sookram family way down in Phoenix who used to walk around selling custard block and coolaid.

        Yes, SUccess CM school produced a lot of great scholars and I am so proud to have attended that school.

        Babojee rings a bell as well as Sheila. I think I might have gone to school with her. My sister that followed Baldwin was Ethel then Valo and then me. My cousin was Patsy Verbeke and Winnifred Small. My other cousins were Rannie Hubbard, Gladstone Hubbard. I supposed you know MR. Austin and his donkey cart – real smart man. He is dead now but his sons Morgan and Banny they were good at Cricket.

        I am writing this from work. It is so good that you responded, everything is coming back to be as I read your words.

        Take care. See what else your memory digs up.

  3. Jaideo Says:

    Hi Village Gurl,

    Its me again. My fondest memory of Success C.M. School was when I was in the fifth standard. Teacher Patrick Mootoo and teacher Vira put on a Nativity Play directed by Teacher Mootoo. Teacher Vira was excellent in conducting the carols part and Teacher Mootoo’s Direction was excellent. Teacher Vira with the help of Teacher Chan and some other Teachers did a great job with the costumes. The caste members of the play was Heamoutie Boodhoo (Moutie) as the Virgin Mary, Rohan Tiwari as Joseph, Myself as one of the three kings, Lalbachan (Arthur) another king, Edward Mosley the other king. Your Cousin Boyee was the messenger of King Herod. Bib Saheban a tiny little girl probaly in the first or second Standard (she was from Success and her dad nick name was Giant). The Choir consisted of Jane Stanton, all three of the Verbeke girls. Clarine Griffith,Sahodra Oree, Randolph Walker, Laljee, Ivor Mootoo, Chandrowtie Doobay, Herbie Walker, Dasrath (from Therisn) and I am quite sure there were more whom I cannot remember their names. Believe me there was a lot of practice sometimes some beating for not remembering the scripts. There came the big night of the show, stage all decorated and set The show was a Huge success, so successful that we had an enchore and had to put on another show at Maryville C. M. School and people from all over the island came to see us. Great feeling. Can you imagine if were kids in America today? We would all would have been celebrities.

    More to come about Success C.M. School

    • Jaideo Says:

      Hi Elsa,

      Today I was testing my memory and there came up a name Ethel Archer, She may be my oldest sister Savitree (Savo) Classmate. Is Ethel Archer related to you?

      Jaideo not Sahadeo or if you want call me Jai.

      • Leguanite Says:

        Ethel is my eldest sister and Baldwin is my eldest brother. She lives in Enmore, ECD. I was back home in October last year. There are some big improvements. People have mansions instead of houses. The old buildings have been spruced up and things are looking up.
        I knew a Savitree too and a girl I went to school with named Parbatie.

  4. Jaideo Says:

    Oh yea you did mentioned about your sister Ethel, but to get things straight Baldwin was my eldest brother’s classmate. I remember Thelma Dorne, she had a brother name Gaslin Dorne. Also I remember the Smalls, Herbie and Ewart. How can I forget Ewart Small. He had a Sleeping problem. Do you remember we had to say prayers in school four times a day? Each time we say prayers Ewart will fall asleep. After prayers the kids would sit and he would remain standing sleeping. The teacher would send him down stairs to the Big Rain tank to wash his face and run around the school yard before he could start his class work. I also remembered the Hubbards and Austins. Clement (Banny) Austin was also my class mate, he was one one kid who never afraid of beating. when he was beaten he never cried, we used to call him tough.

    Another fond memory of Success C. M. School was the same year when I was in the fifth standard Teacher Mootoo and Teacher Vira put on the first Big Show. The Plating of the May Pole. It was spectular with colorful ribbons and the girls all dressed in costumes danced to the May Day songs and platted the ribbons. for the Boys they put on an acrobatic show. I was part of it, also our 4H club took the opportunity to put on the exhibition on the same day. So it was a fun full day of activities. They tried to put a charge of 4 cents to enter the school grounds just to raise money to offset the costs of the costumes, but as you know they made very little because some people came in from the back. This show was such a success that we had an encore and had to put on another show At Enterprise School Grounds.

    Next I will remind you of some great Village People.


    • novelinnovember Says:

      Thanks Jai, You are like a historian. I am looking forward to \reading about the village people. Did you know my dad? Cardy Archer. He was the only person who made shovels and spades on the island. Where exactly did you live? I must be able to place it because I walked from Phoenix to Lousiana every day – twice a day to go to school. Ewart Small, Herbert Small, Winnifred Small are my cousins.

      I used to like Harvest time. That used to be a lot of fun. Do you have any old pictures around that you could send. That would be wonderful.

      Take care and looking forward to your next entry,

  5. Jaideo Says:

    I wish I had some pictures. In those days I can’t remember anyone who had a camera.

    The people at Therins, Success, Louisiana and Pheonix were a bunch of loving people who expressed their love for one and other. There were no major crime. As a matter of fact a policeman would patrol the area once a week only to find no complaints, however we had R.C. (Rural constable) They were to RC Tushmaker and RC Sammy Reid. If anyone break the law, they had the power to make an arrest and hand over the criminal to the Police who will make the prosecution. For each arrest they will be paid two shillings. These guys were great, they never went after the money but will make peace with the help of other elders such as the Anglican and Presbyterian Priests, the Hindu Priest and the Muslim Priest together with the help of some other respectable people like the Headmaster Caryl, the Village chairman Patrick Cooke, Mrs. Barker, Mr. George Ward and others. The Magistrate Court at Leguan was held on the First Thursday of each month. There were no such thing as jail sentences but a small fine for petty crimes such as stealing someone chicken or indecent language. Other Court matters were civil like petty debts or child support.

    The Ward family as poor as they were, used to help out other poorer families and their children by giving them some ground provision for food. At Christmas they would bake fruit cake, Ginger Beer and make goodie bags for the children and in some cases for the grown ups.

    Do you remember Karran Singh’s wife? She lived opposite the School, every one called her Fat Ajee, also Prince mother who every one called Big Mai They were shopkeepers. If a child cannot afford to buy their sweetie or flutie, they will give them for free. I don’t know if they made a profit, the same goes for Mrs. Ward and her sugar cake.

    On holidays like Christmas, Boxing day and Phagwa, it used to be fun to watch some men who would get drunk at the Rum Shops and broke out into a big fight. There came the RC who would make an arrest, take them to jail at LaBagatelle for one night but made no charges because of the peacemakers intervention.

    Do you remember the Stand Pipe at Louisiana, which provided well water for the people of Louisiana and Phoenix. Also there was another well at Success by Bagh Khan’s Rice Mill which provided water for the people of Therins and Success. These wells were slow running and you had to form a line and wait your turn, once in a while a bully will jump the line and there start a bucket fight. That was fun to look at, again the RC would intervene and the penalty would be that the bully will have to go ten persons behind (Will you call that a Crime?).

    I remembered one Saturday afternoon at Louisiana two women were quarrelling over a duck which they both claim ownership, but of course there could only be one owner. The RC passed by and seized the duck and threatened to take it to the pound (Animal shelter) at the Police Station unless either person could prove ownership. Amazingly one woman told the RC to check under the wing of the duck where he would find a ring made of wire. Of course she was right. When her ducks were ducklings that’s how she made her secret mark. However ducks look alike and that could be a genuine mistake. End of the story, duck curry was made a flattie bought and they both enjoyed the duck.

    Kids loved to swim in the Essequibo River but due to high tides and waves it was dangerous. There was an old man named Sam Burges, fierce and scary looking. Or parents used to tell us that he used to make deals with mermaids, exchange children for gold. To get us out of the water our parents will send Sam Burges to take a walk along the seawall, as soon as he was spotted the kids will all rum home.

    The time now is 1.35 am, bed time more funny stories of Louisiana & Phoenix to come.


  6. Naraine Datt Says:

    Hey Guys, I was browsing when I came across your Blog. Wow! Lots of good, God Bless you all, I’m from Bush Lot On the West Coast Of Berbice and I think our Head master a Mr. John Ramlall who later became Chief Acting Education officer for Guyana, came from La Bagatelle , Leguan.
    Tell me what you think of my latest Poem:

    Once when you were young you went to school
    Your good parents thought you were not a fool
    From Kindergarten to Harvard maybe
    Without a scar entering life‘s society
    Empty pockets never held anyone back.
    Only empty heads will take up the slack
    Speak from the heart people will listen
    A loving heart will in wisdom glisten
    Blessed hearts bend never break always be fit
    But if you can’t put your heart in it get out of it

    A woman’s head is always influenced by her heart
    But a man’s heart is always influenced by his head
    Follow your inner heart it helps then the world moves in
    And be true to yourself your bosom would be without sin
    Knock and ask your heart what it doth know
    It’ll beat in the rhythm in music not for show
    How much the heart can really hold no one knows
    For at any age it has no wrinkles and it never shows
    The way to God is through a human heart for a start
    For all music is important if it comes from the heart

    Remember how happy you were meek and mild
    ‘cause your heart was pure and simple as a child
    Why is peace, grace and contentment come to some
    If you’ve inner awareness a grateful heart will come
    Look at every path closely and deliberately.
    Try it as many times as you think necessary
    Ask yourself, this question and yourself alone
    “Does this path have a heart or a good tone?”
    If it does, then the path is good.
    If it doesn’t, it’s like rotten wood

    They teach how to get results in your exams
    Some are honest but some resort to scams
    Even the good teachers don’t teach you life sense
    Especially if you don’t show any common sense
    You are left with nice rainbows in your head
    As you watch the boob tube until you’re red
    They put the cart before the donkey
    And throw you in a murky society
    But whenever or before you ever depart
    They should’ve tried to educate your heart

    The hearts of men today are in turmoil
    As many searing nations ready to recoil
    When the future hinges on the next words that are said
    Do not let logic interfere but believe your heart instead
    Let your heart feel for everyone’s distresses and affliction
    And let your hand give from your full purse in proportion
    A strong mind and soft heart scatter rich smiles in sad hearts
    For when the heart feels, the head compares it leaves no darts
    See with your eyes and feel with your heart will never leave you blue
    Because your heart is so beautiful, everything looks beautiful to you

    Every person has a heart and if you can reach it you can make a difference
    Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else hence
    Let your soul smile through your heart and your heart smile through your eyes
    Have a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts and a heart that never lies
    A happy heart comes with a happy face so train your head and heart to dare
    Keep a green tree alive in your heart and a songbird may come to sing there
    To preserve God’s word we need no more for our hearts are the wrapping
    A heart has room for everything in an empty heart there is room for nothing
    We arrive at truth only through the heart and not only by reason
    Integrate your belief into your life and it will last many a season

  7. Frank Deena Says:

    Though younger than you guys (Jai and Elsa), I had some of the same teachers like Teacher Vira, Ayube, Raj (HM), his son Fitty was my teacher, Steel, etc. Elsa, I was your neighbor–living between you and the Nedds (Vydal, Vetta, Richard, Ivy, and Basil).

    I was called Budo and at school Seedial Lochan, but my real name was/is Seodial Frank Hubert Deena (father–Lochan Deena, mother–Betty, sister of Vydia, Gibbs, Delip, Harry, and Swarty, my sisters–Dolly, Lilly, Pearly, Meena, and Anita, and brother–Mukesh). Anne Sturge was my classmate, and her brother Collin was around my brother’s age. I know Ethel, Valo, and Baldwin, as well as your mom and dad. My best friends are your cousins–Shelly, Carlisle, and Rudolph (Samo). Shelly and Carlisle and I are still close friends. From Leguan, I went to Wakenaam (High School), then taught at Zeeburg HS, then HS Teachers’ College in Georgetown, and UG, then NYC, Chicago (did my MA and taught at Chicago State University–stayed initially with Carlisle and Paulette), Pittsburgh, PA (PhD and taught at Indiana University of PA), then since 1994 Professor of Culture, Theory, and World Literature at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. My sister Lilly lives in Edmonton and brother Mukesh lives in Toronto. You talked about Auntie Barker. My brother is married to the girl she adopted (Marian). They inherited all the properties, but gave them freely to her parents. One more, the Carter brothers (Milton and Bristol) and I are close friends.
    Again, thanks for sharing. Though I was later at school, I remember some of the nostalgic references.

    • Leguanite Says:

      Hi Budo
      You’re one of Neighbour Betty son eh, the young shortist one? I’m so glad you contacted me. It’s nice connecting. I’m trying to create a little history of our Island and particulary Phoenix, so if you remember some little things please share with us. How are you doing? Do you have children, how many. I was in Leguan last year, I saw Desiree Nedd and visited my uncle James. He died you know, even Baldwin and his daughter Leeria died a week a part a couple months ago. I heard Lily is in Toronto. Anne, my cousin told me. Send me her contact if you have it. How is your big brother and your big sister Dolly? Thanks for all the update, I really appreciate it. Do you have my cousin Paulette’s contact information? I am really proud of you. You are the kind of people that make Phoenix proud. Your mom and dad would have been so proud of you.
      I have two daughters and I live in cold Canada on the Prairies. I live it here though.
      Take care, I will write more later. Keep in touch now and again, okay.

      I’ll write more later.

      • frank deena Says:

        I’m surprised that you remember us because by the time we grew up, you had left Leguan. I’m sorry to hear that James, Baldwin, and his daughter died–sympathy.

  8. Josh J. Says:

    Jaideo Prashad, I have a bit of a strange request. Mervin Jagroop, your Third Standard teacher was my grandfather; and I never knew him. I was wondering if we would exchange e-mails, I am very curious to know what kind of man he was and kinda of retrace my roots.

    Much appreciated.

    • Leguanite Says:

      I think Teacher Mervin was my Third Grade Teacher too and Teacher Ayube was my 4th grade. The two men taught at the same time and were friends but were opposite from each other. Teacher Mervin was a dark skinned, medium height, medium built kind of a guy, very quiet. I loved him because he did not like to beat. He did not crack the cake like teacher Auybe. Ayube used to show off himnself and would prance around with the cane bending and swishing it in the air to scare us. I think it he would told us he would soak his cane in oil so that it would sting more. I was scared when I was in Ayube’s class but teacher Mervin was an angel. He had nice wife and a couple of small children. Teacher Mervin was patient and I personally learned better from him because I wasn’t afraid of being caned. He was gently, always well dressed and clean looking. He was good teacher. Hope that helps. He loved his students and tried his best to help us to learn and he’d give us many chances when we did something wrong. Rest assured your grandfather was a real teacher. I have fond memories of him.

  9. Silverene (Silva) Says:

    Hee hee hee hee, I came across your post and couldn’t help laughing. Although I don’t recognise any of you, I recognise some of the names your folks are mentioning. Bhum for example. Awe, he was so sweet! I didn’t live far from him – my friend Latchmin (Latcho) used to live opposite him. He sold sugar cake too as well as ice ..and he used to give us free sugar cake. He had a donkey and a cart. Very very nice man. 🙂

    Teacher Vira, the black teacher. Oh, she loved me. I think she left and went to England a long time ago. She had a little house next to the Barker family..I think…they had a whole bunch of girls. There was a church opposite. One of them was crazy about Teacher Vidya’s older brother Gibbs. I know Dilip, Harry and Swartie. Harry and my brother Charlie was in the same class and Dilip and my other brother Smally was in the same class. .

    Teacher Mervin …man, he p*ssed me off! He used to be so nice and kind, and then couple of months before he died, he would beat the children with the cane very hard. He hit me a couple of times and I was the smart one in the class!. I nearly punched him. I went home and told my parent. Everybody was surprised because he was never like that before. The same thing happened to Raj Persaud (the Head Master), Teacher Fitty’s father. He started to beat up kids very hard with the cane couple months before he died also. Both Mervin and Raj Persaud used to like me and I liked them, until I saw the beating the children before they died. I used to wonder what they died of… what made them so hateful and aggressive??!! Something happened to both of them before they died because they were both very kind and nice before. I was in the class with Ralph Rajpersaud (Fitty’s brother), and Parmanand Tiwari (Rhohit’s brother). I have seen Parmanand a couple of times here, and also Fitty’s mother. Haven’t seen them for a while, but my family still sees them.

    Teacher Winky is my brother. My sister Eunice and my brother Dalin used to teach at Success too. Do you rememer Bangalan – the big black teacher – we used to call him that because he had a bicycle, but didn’t have a bell and would say ‘bangalan, bangalan’ for the bell. Them people opposite the school, fat Agee, are my family too (my father’s side). Some of them live in Toronto – the daughter usually come to our family get to gether. Prince them too is family, my mother’s side of the family from Wakenam.

    Yeah, I know Ayube. Who is Mrs Ward? Is that the little old black lady who lived next to Prince factory? Remember Baksh Khan christmas party? They always had a Christmas Party for all the children! We didn’t need an invitation – we just go used to going there – where we sang carols, they would feed us and give us presents. They never had children of their own. There was a well in front of where they lived. And man there was a grave yard next to them that used to scare the heck out of me! I know Teacher Chan – the one who died from epileptic fitz and his nephew Sharak also died from this. I was just telling a girlfriend about this yesterday! Whenever Teacher Chan had a seizure, we used to stampede out of the school and run down the stair…scared silly… even though we didn’t know what was happening at the time. My sister Eunice used to teach at Success then. Oye, he didn’t have a love affair with my sister! I used to like him so much. I remember when they had the strike and the black people was burning Georgetown and Leonora etc, everybody in Leguan came together to protect Legaun! Deodary and all the teacher board up the school. We were locked up safely inside. Deodary kept me close to his side throughout the whole thing. I was little at the time. He kept patting my head and smiling at me. I liked him. One of my cousins end up marrying into their family.

    You know, I remember some names, but I cannot place them off hand! Sam Pandit – I know this same! My mother entioned this to me several times in the past few years and I don’t recall who it is. I know Teacher Bata whose father was a pandit and Bata became the pandit when his father died. His sisthe Beb-beb was in my class. I think Sam Pandit is also my family…distantly related, Which house was Sam Pandit’s ?

    Isn’t Boyee the guy who died? Did he elope with Chit?,..and then they got married? Is that the same one? Hey, my brother Ganesh (Girdhari) wasn’t a failure in school. He was very bright! Man, ayu ga fo be careful about wah yu say, yu see how people family see wha yu write? ha ha ha ha ha….!

    Ok, I know Winnifred, but I don’t remember where,. Tell me where they lived, exactly where. Was it next to where Son-son lived?

    My sister Eunice was May Queen once! Just the other day I was tell me girlfriend this also. As I read what you guys wrote, some of the memories are coming back. Its been a long time. I was a School Teacher at Timehri. I now live in Toronto.

    Do you remember when we went to school’s sports in dee bus? Heck, we always won! And then we would bang on the bus and sing on our way back to Success:

    Come lady, come
    With your cake and yourbuns
    All the little boy’s over there
    When you go to the sports
    You must come back again

    **then we would sing all the little GIRLS over there. I think the boys used to whistle.


    The people who lived in Therins at the end there – they had a little shop – She was my Chache Baban – my father’s sister. My father was Niddhu.

  10. Silverene (Silva) Says:

    Wait a minute, Sam Pandit – you lived close to the rum shop, on the opposite side! Right? You have older sister and I think may three or four boys? Right? Is your brother’s name Sam Chase?

  11. Bert Bivins Says:

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  12. dayanand Says:

    I have some of those cherished memories as well

    • Leguanite Says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog. I would really appreciate it if you can share some of your experiences maybe I even know you. Nothing better than connecting to old friends and country people.

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