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Film about Walter Rodney Guyana’s Hero to be released soon March 16, 2010

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FILM SCREENING: W.A.R.: Walter Rodney Stories
(2009, director, Clairmont Chung)
This film covers the life of world renowned, historian, author, and activist,
Dr. Walter Rodney who was assassinated on Friday, June13, 1980, at age 38, in his native Guyana . It is not a linear progression from birth to death but attempts to capture the last year of Dr. Rodney’s life with references to who and what made the man. It’s a story of a man who dedicated his life, and ultimately, gave his life in the struggle for equal rights and justice. He did so through his considerable intellectual gifts and actual grassroots
involvement everywhere he went. He went everywhere. The people who knew him weave a tale of how they related to him and him them. In the process we see the growth of their friend, his ideology and how that changed over the years from his coming of age in racially divided British Guiana, through the cold war, the Black Power Movement, Pan-Africanism, Caribbean independence, and the idea of self emancipation. It’s about the influence of places on him and him on places as evidenced by the riots in Kingston , Jamaica , his role in Southern Africa’s struggle for independence and finally civil rebellion in independent Guyana where his life ended just a block from his birth-home. It’s a film about us:
all of us.

With a discussion facilitated by Alissa Trotz (University of Toronto) with

Clairmont Chung (director), Nigel Westmaas (Hamilton College, NY), Pablo Idahosa (York University) and Honor Ford-Smith (York University)
Date: Friday March 26th, 6:30 pm
Place:William Doo Auditorium (University of Toronto), 45 Willcocks Street
(corner of Spadina and Willcocks, one block south of Harbord)




3 Responses to “Film about Walter Rodney Guyana’s Hero to be released soon”

  1. trying to get a contact for Clairmont Chung to invite the film to be screened here in Port of Spain – any help would be appreciated.

  2. chad Says:

    hi, i have been trying for very long to access this film. i am writing from uwi st. Augustine, we would love for the film to be showed here!!

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