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I have culture March 26, 2010

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I never thought of culture

Never knew I had one

Until I came to Canada

Cultural; ethnocultural,

Multicultural, racial

These are words political

Meant nothing to me before, nada

After all I am from Guyana

Land of six races

Big pretenders pretending races with no faces

No we are one big family

Loving each other and faithfully dancing to our own tunes

No one talked about discrimination

In this land of six plus nations

Yet there was segregation

Based on religion, ethnicity and

How far you got in your education

We turned a blind eye and a deaf ear

To socio-cultural-racial frictions we didn’t want to hear

Canada has taught me about multiculturalism

It has taught me I’ve got roots

Roots of discrimination that I’m trying to give the boots

Here in Canada things are clearer than back home

Racism is a zero-tolerance zone.

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