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I am of Guyana April 3, 2010

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I am of Guyana

The beautiful land of many rivers

the home of six vibrant ethnic nations

where we can still boast pristine rainforests

Come fly with me and you will see.

I am of Guyana

Land of mountain Roraima and Pakaraimas

Man-eating piranhas lurking beneath rivers

Waiting for the smell of flesh

Salivating venom ready to pounce

Their sharp daggers into unsuspecting men

For whom the river is their road

I am of Guyana

Land of strange creatures like the manatee

Found only in the once pristine hinterland waters

This benign creature that looks like a man and a cat

Lurks as a mythological hero in the Guyanese imagination

I am of Guyana

Land of the masacuruman

The mermaid and the old higue

Bysie and Bya dwarfed wicked baccoos

Spirits that make errant men run for their lives

I am of Guyana

Land of the Obeah man

And see-far woman

To whom Guyanese travel back home to see

To get their psychic check up

And for spells against the evil eyes.

(c)  BAW


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