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Memories of childhood in Leguan April 11, 2010

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I remember when I ran barefoot in the sand

Hurling trails of dust at my feet’s command

Hugging boys and girls without any care

For everyone then to me was dear

With unraveled hem and ripped waistline

And a string around the hips of mine

I’d straddle  off in well dressed company

Then watch them try to get far from me

 I’d scoot up a coconut tree faster than a boy

It used to make my papa annoy

“What kind of girl you think you are?”

He’d say, but good heavens I knew no bar.

My spirits soared abundantly

Secured in the love of all around me

Mammy loved me so very much

She would kiss me with every touch

Growing up was fun I had no care

Nothing to worry about no burden to bear

Having parents who gave and gave

They’d fight a bad bull my life to save

I told little lies without being caught

Swallowed whole candies which I bought

With stolen pennies from mammy’s cloth purse

Then doctored my throat as maid and nurse

I wish those days would come again

T’was the only time I felt rightly sane

No decisions to make no envy no hate

Just eat, sleep, and play from morning till late

 (c) BAW


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