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The Cricket Match April 12, 2010

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The deadliest hour of the night

Twelve gallant cricketers assembled at the grave

Of a deceased member of the champion team

He had left this world a year hence

They sought his help against their opposing team

In a great match  to be fought the following day

On the dot of twelve

The 12 men  formed a ring

Encircling the grave

The captain in the middle uttered a “password”

And tore loose the seal from a bottle of rum

And poured it ceremoniously around the tomb

He stepped back in the circle and they waited apprehensively

And waited for a response to their summon

At first there was a tremor that shook the ground a little

The novice among them unnerved 

The seasoned men stood firm in reverent anticipation

The spirit rumbled and violently shook the ground this time

The team held the circle tight hand in hand

Then one man stepped forward in a drunken-like stupor

“wha yuh disturb me  fram meh rest man?”

“We need yuh help , great cricketer” the captain replied

“Wha kind a help yuh want?”the voice boomed the man staggered

“We want to win de match tomarra at all cast, great cricketer” said the captain

‘”What s gon be my reward if yuh win?”

Änytin yuh want great cricketer”

“Feed me wid de blood of a fat young pig and de game will be yours”

“Your wish is our command  great cricketer, so it will be done”

“Whenever  yuh mek a run give me someting to drink, a little Russian Bear””

“Dat will be done too great cricketer”

“Den it’s settled ,goodnight”

“Tank yuh great cricketer” the captain said and repeated the password

Everything returned to normal the men broke the circle

The mouthpiece had no recollection of  what he spoke

With heads bowed the 12 cricketers filed out the graveyard

With stealth steps in reverence for the dead

Whenl they reached the road they raised their heads

Happily they went on their way

And parted each to their homes as they came

They were all sure that the medal will be theirs

For no game did the spirit ever lose

And the highest medal would be their amazing grace

That would be lauded by Leguanites from coast to coast


The day of the match dawned a beautiful morning

With no dark clouds to threaten the game

The sun stood clear in the blue sky

And march to victory for the “Merryman Clan””

For that was the name of the famous team

Which never broke its record as a winner

But so it was for the powerful Spirit 12

The counterparts whom they had to face

It would be a matter of steel against steel

In which none wanted to lose their honour

And face the crowd of mocking fans and foes

No, this is a game that could not be lost.
The toss was spun and the Merryman Clan won

And they the first inning batting had begun

They scored ninety and more

With three more batsmen still to score

By the end it was 15 more runs.

Then it  was the Spirit 12 to have their turn

Looking fully secured in and out

 The first two batsmen walked out with arrogance

Confident they could invoke their past performance

They’d passed through deeper channels that
which helped them learn to stabilize their bats

The Spirit 12 out did their prior record

But barely the Merryman Clan’s third

With fifteen miniutes left for  the  innings

 The Merryman felt good, strong, more rum

But soon theirs smiles turned upside down

After rapid sixes were scored

Spirit 12  edged a hare’s breath behind the Merryman’s score


With a ten run advantage they started the second rounds

But this time the Merryman’s wickets were tumbling down

Disappointing  to the Merryman Clan’s captain

Who thought the spirit must be sleeping or something

He threw more Russian Bear rum at his feet

To motivate the spirit its promise to keep

The rum did not appear to stir the dead

All wickets went after 50 more was added

Before their time was up

The Spirit 12 were spinning balls on a high ride

Balls that were too fast for the batsmen to see

The spirit 12 already had the winning key

They were on the run having fun

Then it was the Spirit 12  turn to take

 They promised history to make

The crowd roared as the batsmen take their place

The game continued until dusk

Spirit 12 was in no mood to continue

They threw down their bats and called for light

The umpires had to legitimately consider

They had to call off the match as a draw

The scores though favoured Spirit 12

A confusion followed but quickly quelled

The final word  it was a draw remained 

Neither of the champions won

The championship remained up in the air

Oh the damned spirit did not keep its word

Night long we stood at his grave

Only for this insult to be gained?

The Captain went home to lick his wound

Tried to take comfort  in that nothing was lost.


Weeks passed, months passed nothing happened

Only the Captain’s wife complained of nightmarish dreams

That turned her slumber into turmoil

And made her dread the coming of nights

Oh you must be eating too much, her husband joked

And treated the matter with trivial joviality

Then one night as they lay down in bed 

And covered under the blanket for the night’s repose

He was awakened by the horrid cries for help that came from his wife

He impulsively reached and hugged her tight

“Yuh cold bad man” he said and tried to kiss her and saw she was dead

Oh my God he cried as the words of his wife played in his ears

He blamed himself for not taking seriously her cries

He could have done more to listen to her cries

He was a tormented man

For he could not understand the puzzle of her death

The image of her stained his memory day and night

Then one night he had a dream

In which the great Cricketer revealed himself

In the dream he questioned what the great cricketer was doing there

“To clear up de mystery bout yuh wife’s death” the Spirit replied

“Ah took her in place a de pig you pramised in de deal

De pramise dat yuh failed to deliver my friend

We didn’t win and yuh get yuh Russian Bear rum

I didn’t tink I owe yuh  anything

Ah just forgot about everything

Yuh didn lose therefore you win, if I didn fight what wouldda bin?

Is me mek yuh didn’t lose de game ah stap de betta team from winning

You owe mëh and yuh gat to pay”

I can’t remember what we promised

Ah was disappinted because yuh let us down

Well dat’s the price you pay fuh fuhgetfulness

It cost you de life of the woman yuh love

And de embarrassment yuh caused me an meh friens

Who waited fuh de feast of blood dat me de great cricketer promised

You will be like a loose piece a paper blowing in de wind till rain come.

And the captain woke up and couldn’t remember where he was.


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