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Good English vs Bad English (Creole) June 29, 2010

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Got this in the email:

USA : That was very amusing.
GT: oh gad dat mek meh laff.

USA : Here Kitty kitty, get down from the roof.
GT: Yuh stupid cyat, come down fram de dam ouse top before ah
pelt yuh with cupple bricks!
USA : Aren’t those pants a bit short?
GT: Yuh expekin a flood or wha?
USA : Sir, please don’t throw my luggage like that.
GT: What de s… yuh doin man! Stop flingin meh grip aroun
USA : Lift the hood of the car for me John.
GT: Aeh buoy, open de bonnet fuh meh nuh!
USA : I love that girl.
GT: Dah is me binney.
USA : Oh the poor little boy is handicap.
GT: Look at de lil invalid………….
USA : It’s time for a perm.
GT: Gyal, yuh hair need a good pressing ah cyan see all de black
peppah showin.
USA : I have a stomach ache.
GT: Oh lawd…………..meh belly huttin meh.
USA : He has no manners.
GT: Yuh too dam unmannerly….. like yuh smelling yuh self or
USA : WOW!………..he has such a bad body odor
GT: Lawd yuh smell like shit man……………..move from hey
USA : Josh is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.
GT: Dat chile too dam fidigity.
USA : He has a touch of Dyslexia.
GT: He dunce like hell.
USA : I need a bottle of Peptobismol…my stomach hurts.
GT: Ah need ah washout bad………….ah lil constipated.
USA : It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you girl.
GT: Eh…eh gal….wah appen, yuh still alive?
USA : Oh my goodness, we have lost electricity.
GT: Oh shit blackout again.
USA : This meal is not too bad.
GT: Wha doan kill does fatten and wha doan fatten does ratten.
USA : Oh my, your feet are so ashy.
GT: Lawd….yuh foot look like yuh just step out o de the
guvanment salt jar

Stephen Wiltshire is autistic but a genius

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video and be inspiredamaziningamazing development and abilities.  He was recently honoured by the Queen who bestowed on him the Order of the British Empire.   Check out this  youngman’sStephen Wiltshire who was born in St.Lucia, West Indies is autistic.  Through this series of videos you will marvel at this


I hear Leguan got its name from Iquana June 27, 2010

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Have your ever heard how Leguan got its name?  I heard it is because the Island was the home of the iguanas  in Guyana and thus it was given the name.  I know when I was growing up  in Phoenix iguanas were plentiful.  That was our green chicken. Hunting iguanas was like a rite of passage for boys especially black boys.  Catching and bringing home the iguana was the mark of a warrior hunter unlike the boys of the Maasai tribe who have to kill a tiger to gain the title of warrior and elevate to manhood, for our boys it was the iguana (lol).

The iguana is one of the sweetest meat I have tasted and the iguana eggs are to die for. I loved the eggs most of all.  Sometimes quite accidentally while we kids were playing on the sand bank behind our yard, we would encounter iguana eggs buried in the sand.  Iguanas are found mostly in trees and they are like chameleon, they change their skin to disguise themselves in the bush, but they can’t fool a good hunting dog.  The boys usually go hunting with their dogs.  If the boys caught two or three big  Iguana that’s enough to feed the village. We had iguana nites that brought communities together – black and east Indian families in Phoenix would make big curries and neighbours will come over for a taste of the  meat or take home a litte, it was the thing people did. Iguana meat was special and to be shared for some reason.  Like everything else the poor animals were over hunted and I do not think there are many iguanas left in Leguan these days.  Who would like a revitalization project to get iguanas back to the Island?  I think that would be a good thing. These days people in Florida are having iguanas as pets.  As soon as that becomes popular then it will spell the end of this delicacy as food because who wants to eat a pet? 


YouTube – Green iguana epic journey – Wild Caribbean – BBC Nature


Castle in Annandale Guyana June 18, 2010

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Do you have any old pixs of Leguan or Phoenix?

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Typical Indian logie in LeguanLeguan Resthouse - Govt. officials stay here

Leguan Stelling where the big steamer drops you off

Typical backdam road Leguan


Truck on the public road in PhoenixMost people have bottomhouse hammock in PhoenixRoad in Phoenix - hasn't changed much since I was a kid umpteen years ago

Some things have changed, we did not have electric lights back then.

Typical backdam road in Phoenix with the trench beside it


A love poem

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In Leguan where I grew up we did not know anything like dating. You had to hide and talk to your boyfriend or send love notes.

Here’s one of mine in my youthful, innocent days

“I’ll trade my freedom to be

locked in the prison of your love

and deny myself the bounty of

the moon and stars shining from above

the chance to smell fresh wild daisies

(BAW Leguan 1975)

that grew along highways and byways

listen to the merry chirping of kiskadees

and soft flowing creeks to gaze

for I know in the cell of your love

I’ll enjoy all that I need and more.


Life is Great in Canada June 16, 2010

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C’mon man

Is wha yuh trying fuh tell me

Life in Canada is like a bowl of cherry?

Nah man it’s more like a rosy apple wid a bitta taste

Yuh know like a piece of wire with a golden face

Guyana hard gal but he sweet

Life dere gat de real meat

People gat on clothes dat yuh can touch

Someting dat we should treasure very much

You see, my dear,  in de West

people are voices on the phone at best

muted expression in the crowd

The silent conversation deafeningly loud

Life in Canada is tough man

Especially for you and me West Indian

Who custom to our laid back existence

Here its bisness and no nonsense

Nutin here is free my frien

You know how we like we freeness now an den

You can’t run ova to yuh neighba

Fuh some saltfish or suga

Yuh can`t say look me pick née

An just running to get some bush fuh tee

Non a dat nonsense

Everytin is counted in dallkas and cents

When  de month end comes meet Mr. Bill

Mounting high like a little hill

If wan month yuh stap working

yuh don`t want to give up everything

Ah can`t see meself living dere gal

Meh too saff fuh pressure  it gon mek me ball

Ah gat to stay in Guyana wheh ah can bun me gaff

Teck an unofficial day aff

Ah like to relax and feel cool

Clown around and play de fool

Yeah North American may be an tap

But nat fuh me gal I gat to pass up

BAW (`80)

Silent voices