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Life is Great in Canada June 16, 2010

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C’mon man

Is wha yuh trying fuh tell me

Life in Canada is like a bowl of cherry?

Nah man it’s more like a rosy apple wid a bitta taste

Yuh know like a piece of wire with a golden face

Guyana hard gal but he sweet

Life dere gat de real meat

People gat on clothes dat yuh can touch

Someting dat we should treasure very much

You see, my dear,  in de West

people are voices on the phone at best

muted expression in the crowd

The silent conversation deafeningly loud

Life in Canada is tough man

Especially for you and me West Indian

Who custom to our laid back existence

Here its bisness and no nonsense

Nutin here is free my frien

You know how we like we freeness now an den

You can’t run ova to yuh neighba

Fuh some saltfish or suga

Yuh can`t say look me pick née

An just running to get some bush fuh tee

Non a dat nonsense

Everytin is counted in dallkas and cents

When  de month end comes meet Mr. Bill

Mounting high like a little hill

If wan month yuh stap working

yuh don`t want to give up everything

Ah can`t see meself living dere gal

Meh too saff fuh pressure  it gon mek me ball

Ah gat to stay in Guyana wheh ah can bun me gaff

Teck an unofficial day aff

Ah like to relax and feel cool

Clown around and play de fool

Yeah North American may be an tap

But nat fuh me gal I gat to pass up

BAW (`80)

Silent voices


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