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Good English vs Bad English (Creole) June 29, 2010

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Got this in the email:

USA : That was very amusing.
GT: oh gad dat mek meh laff.

USA : Here Kitty kitty, get down from the roof.
GT: Yuh stupid cyat, come down fram de dam ouse top before ah
pelt yuh with cupple bricks!
USA : Aren’t those pants a bit short?
GT: Yuh expekin a flood or wha?
USA : Sir, please don’t throw my luggage like that.
GT: What de s… yuh doin man! Stop flingin meh grip aroun
USA : Lift the hood of the car for me John.
GT: Aeh buoy, open de bonnet fuh meh nuh!
USA : I love that girl.
GT: Dah is me binney.
USA : Oh the poor little boy is handicap.
GT: Look at de lil invalid………….
USA : It’s time for a perm.
GT: Gyal, yuh hair need a good pressing ah cyan see all de black
peppah showin.
USA : I have a stomach ache.
GT: Oh lawd…………..meh belly huttin meh.
USA : He has no manners.
GT: Yuh too dam unmannerly….. like yuh smelling yuh self or
USA : WOW!………..he has such a bad body odor
GT: Lawd yuh smell like shit man……………..move from hey
USA : Josh is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.
GT: Dat chile too dam fidigity.
USA : He has a touch of Dyslexia.
GT: He dunce like hell.
USA : I need a bottle of Peptobismol…my stomach hurts.
GT: Ah need ah washout bad………….ah lil constipated.
USA : It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you girl.
GT: Eh…eh gal….wah appen, yuh still alive?
USA : Oh my goodness, we have lost electricity.
GT: Oh shit blackout again.
USA : This meal is not too bad.
GT: Wha doan kill does fatten and wha doan fatten does ratten.
USA : Oh my, your feet are so ashy.
GT: Lawd….yuh foot look like yuh just step out o de the
guvanment salt jar

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