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Guyanese keeping up the tradition in Winnipeg July 28, 2010



 After the curry is done!!!!

By:  Sharmela Sukhdeo-Rambally

 Saturday, July 17th 2010 started gloomy, dark, and depressing, with the threat of rain, but that did not stop the Guyanese people from coming out and participating in what has become a very popular annual event!  Team after team came out, geared with their seasonings, pot, stove and off course the duck, ready to make history.  Slowly they came together, one by one, turning a dull day into a festive and sunny one, with fellow country mates, neighbors, friends and families.  Throughout the day, a glorious feeling of pride came over all, not only for their country, but also for their fellow man as many competed in the planned activities and games once played as youths and adults back home.  Participants who were born and raised in Guyana, especially from the three main regions (Essequibo, Berbice and Demerara), showed their pride for their home county by competing against others in friendly games of Soft Ball Cricket and Rounders.  The men and the Canadian born Guyanese Junior boy’s team played several matches resulting in the Demerara team coming out as victors.  The women Essequibo rounders team also came out victorious.  As the day progressed, the many flavors of curry and its delicious aroma were very noticeable within the park, resulting in pangs of hunger!  Everyone waited eagerly for the main event to take place – the judging of the teams to determine which one would take away the coveted first prize!

As the judging began, all fifteen teams’ members slowly sauntered in with their curry dish with great pride joy and of course dance!!  Team after team danced in and served their very best, resulting in 1st prize going to Guyanese Pride captain Sancharie Shivbalak (Pam) with Curry King placing 2nd, captain by Vishnu Narine Cosmos Lancers bringing 3rd place captain Pammy Persaud and Three Rivers 4th place captain by Chaterpaul Bhowanie, Consolation prizes were also given out for aroma, consistency, Taste, presentation and best dressed team. 

Throughout the day, the planned events were successfully executed. Guyanese as far as New Jersey, Florida, British Columbia and Holland was among the over 400 in attendance.  A job well done by all! 

As a born Guyanese, fellow Pegger, and Canadian, a sense of belonging and pride came over me seeing everyone come together for another successful event. 

As a Board member and also as a fellow Guyanese/Canadian, I felt honored to be apart of this event and I am already looking forward to next year. Kudos to all!!!


July 26, 2010

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Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that the Secretary-General today appointed Valerie Amos to be my successor as Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.  As you will see from her attached CV, Valerie brings with her a long standing commitment to international assistance,  particularly in Africa.  As a Minister in the British Government, she worked with colleagues globally to tackle poverty in Africa by increasing aid flows, through debt relief initiatives and promoting private sector investment on the continent.  She has been active for over thirty years on the promotion of human rights, social justice and equality.

Born in Guyana, Valerie was the first black woman appointed to a British Cabinet and the first black Leader of the House of Lords.  In the UK, she has played a central role in the Government’s broader diversity and community cohesion agenda, and been an active voice in international aid and development.  She is currently British High Commissioner to Australia.
Before taking her post in Canberra, she was the Chair of the Royal African Society, a member of the Fulbright Commission, and a Fellow at the Centre for Corporate Reputation, University of Oxford.

I have known Valerie for some years, and can assure you that she is not
only an exceptionally warm and friendly person, but also an extremely
competent and experienced operator.  I commend her to you all very highly indeed.

I expect that Valerie will take up the post soon after I depart at the end
of August.  I will let you know her official start date later in the
summer.  I am sure you will all join me in the warmest possible welcome to Baroness Amos.

Best wishes  John 

BIOGRAPHY – The Rt Hon Baroness Valerie Amos

October  2009           British High Commissioner to Australia

2007                                Chair, Royal African Society

                                                Fulbright Commissioner

                                                Non-Executive Director, 2018

                                                Non-Executive Director, Travant Capital Partners

Member Advisory Board, Global Health Group, University of San Francisco

   Fellow, Centre for Corporate Reputation, University of Oxford

 2003 – 2007              Leader of the House of Lords         

 2003                           Secretary of State for International Development 

 2001      Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, with responsibility for Africa, the Caribbean, Consular Affairs, the Commonwealth, Britain’s Overseas Territories and Foreign Office Personnel issues

1998 – 2001              Baroness-in-Waiting and Government Whip in the House of Lords; Spokesperson on International Development, Women’s Issues and Social Security

1997                           Appointed to the House of Lords 

1995-1998     Leadership and Organisational development Consultant in the UK and South Africa 

1989-1994                 Chief Executive, Equal Opportunities Commission 

1987-1989                 Head of Management Services, London Borough of Hackney

1985-1987                 Head of Training and Development, London Borough of Hackney

1983-1985                 Women’s Adviser, London Borough of Camden

1981-1983                 Race Relations Adviser, London Borough of Lambeth


Check out some interesting Guyanese video July 19, 2010

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Walter Rodney – You tube – Class analysis July 17, 2010

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This is an excellent source of history of Guyana.  It put things in perspective for me.  Very enlightening for those who seek enlightenment about our past.

Talking about YouTube – 1 – A Historical Class Analysis of Guyanese Society – Dr. Walter Rodney


Check out our neigba pattery bye gaan Abraad July 9, 2010

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Amazing indeed.  See how a lil ting can turn big, big.  Interesting story check out the video