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Walter Rodney – You tube – Class analysis July 17, 2010

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This is an excellent source of history of Guyana.  It put things in perspective for me.  Very enlightening for those who seek enlightenment about our past.

Talking about YouTube – 1 – A Historical Class Analysis of Guyanese Society – Dr. Walter Rodney


3 Responses to “Walter Rodney – You tube – Class analysis”

  1. Tulsie Mangra Says:

    I was born in Blenheim. Is there anyone out there. I was a school boy in enterprise.

    • Leguanite Says:

      I am from Phoenix Leguan. Blenheim is by the hospital right? I went to school that some guys from India had set up in Blenheim – a high school. I even learned a bit of hindi there.

      • tulsie Mangra Says:

        My parents used to own the estate before the Koka. I named the Koka place Santago. I left Guyana in 1972.

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