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Danny Doobay, HC, Demitting September 16, 2010

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Dear Colleague:

Greetings from the Consulate!

I am taking this opportunity to inform you that I will be demitting office on October 31, 2010, having served 12 full years as the Head of Mission in Toronto. I will be returning to the private sector to pursue some other interests.

During these twelve years, Guyana’s standing overseas has been elevated many times. While much of this improvement was/is due to the economic and social expansion and other progress emanating from Guyana, I believe that your personal commitment, dedication, and contribution to community development and other programs relating to Guyana played a most vital role in this process. I applaud you for your love of, and patriotism shown toward our homeland, Guyana.  Your efforts have made a difference.

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to serve my community and country in this capacity. Over those years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the coming together of our rainbow communities in unparallel ways.  Even more, particularly over the last five years, I have seen a greater willingness amongst our nationals to contribute to the development of our beloved homeland, an increased readiness to visit with Guyana along with a growing desire to invest. Specifically in Toronto, such enthusiasm found expressions in programs such as Guyana Festival, Guyana Awards, Last Lap Lime, the Guyana Burn Care Unit ( At the Georgetown Hospital), SchoolNet Guyana, to name a few.

I leave the Consulate in Toronto feeling that I have contributed, in some small way, to the development of a stronger, more patriotic Diaspora community, one that is more aware of the path of development charted by our government and of its expected role in that process. I continue to believe that the more than one million citizens living in the diaspora represent a large and relatively untapped potential, nationals who would like in their own small, but meaningful way, like to contribute to the development of our magnificent country.  I have encouraged our government and colleagues to pursue this utilize this resource, in a more aggressive and complementary manner.

I do hope to continue with the Schoolnet Guyana program and look forward to your support in brining technology into the classrooms of schools across Guyana.

On the same note, I thank you whole heartedly for your encouragement and support over the months and years. I look forward to continuing our collaboration and making a difference when possible.

Please accept my best wishes!

Danny Doobay

Hon. Consul General

Consulate General of Guyana

505 Consumers Road, Suite 206

Toronto, Ontario


Telephone: 416-494-6040-29

Fax: 416-494-1530   


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