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One Joke for You January 31, 2011

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A Jamaican living in the States was down on his luck. Out of work and broke, he started going around to various companies in the city begging for a job, any job. Finally he got to the Zoo. The Zookeeper looked stressed out. ‘The monkey escaped last night’, the Zookeeper said, ‘If you are willing to put on a monkey suit and stand in the monkey’s cage for a couple days, I’ll pay you.’ The Jamaican immediately accepted. The pay was OK and the work wasn’t hard.  He swung from the tree, and the kids fed him fruits and nuts. He actually started enjoying himself. He even started adding a few acrobatic moves that he had seen on TV.  Late in the afternoon he swung a bit too vigorously, lost his grip and flew clean out of the monkey cage and landed in the lion cage next door. The lion let out a huge roar and our friend in the monkey suit bawl out, ‘LAWD, ME DED NOW!’ The huge lion immediately pounced on him, grabbed him by the throat and whispered,   ‘Man shut yuh mout nuh, suh we can keep di likkle wuk!’


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