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Guyanese Language June 8, 2011

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  • BAMBAI – meaning “later on”
  • BAZIDI – stupidee LOL
  • BELTEERIE – a drink made from the black potato..very refreshing but could be potent
  • BERUGA – a wart
  • FLAMBO – lamp made with a wick,  some kerosene oil  and  a tin or bottle
  • HARD GUAVA SEASON – refers to “hard times” when food is scarce
  • “JUK-A-POT” – Back in the old days (yes, my day!!)  sch…oolchildren wrote with “dip”  pens, which were dipped into inkwells – hence the name  ‘juk-a-pot’. There were holes dug into the desks to accommodate the ink pots and the pens were carefully dipped into the pots for writing.  After class, the pen had to be cleaned, washed and wiped before handing it back to the teacher!!
  • KANGALANG – rowdy, uncouth,  unmannerly person – used as in “…so and so is a real kangalang”
  • KAREESO – Arawak word expressing disbelief
  • K-FMU – with the letter “M” being blown through the nose … meaning a tiny bit more in either distance or force
  • MAL PARCHO – I think this is when someone is a bit on the unfortunate side, could be  jobless – a ne’er-do-well
  • MAMURI – this is actually a thick vine which wraps itself around a tree…word is used to refer to someone’s muscles and can be used as in  “Hey you, put mamuri” – meaning “use all your strength” when lifting a very heavy object.
  • MO-ISH – as in if something tastes “MO-ISH” – means you want more
  • NING-NING–  when you see stars due to a blow or hangover or puzzlement
  • NUCKUH – I believe this might refer to something missing or lacking i.e. a finger
  • PASUMA – meaning something small, not fully grown – similar meaning as Tuku-Tuku
  • PATA CALIENTE – literal translation “Hot Foot” ..when you liked to “walk about”!
  • PICAH-PICAH – refers to the sediment in the rivers
  • PUTTUH-PUTTUH – kind of swampy or muddy area
  • STOPPAGE OF WATER – relieve stricture of the urinary tracts  or possibly prostate problems
  • TAK-TAK – word used to describe a pile of junk in or around the house
  • TEMBELEKEH – refers to something (could be a person) that is unstable or shaky
  • TUKU-TUKU – as in “tuku-tuku plaintain”  meaning runt plaintain

These words were stolent from my friend Jean Rodrigues facebook pages. I thought they might bring back some memories to you. If you remember any Guyanese sayings please add to the list. Those of us who are overseas can easily forget. Thanks. Looking forward to your cooperation


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