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June 24, 2011

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Only a real Guyanese will be able to read let alone understand dis!

Hear This! You know how it gat ah set ah shooting in GT dese days!
Well five friends: Currants, Ice, Curry, Tambran and Coconut walking
down Regent Street; when dey hear gun shots BODOW, BODOW, BODOW
BOW!Well all of a sudden:

Currants roll
Ice scream
Curry duck
Tambran bawl and
Coconut drop.

Ya gotta be a GUYANESE to understand this.
If you not a GUYANESE and you understand dis, then you is a GUYANESE!!!

Idleness killing we!


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  1. lola Says:

    i honestly i don’t understand this joke…clearly am not a guyanese

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