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Drug bust in Barbados again October 9, 2011

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Guyanese people are like a pariah in other Caribbean nations. They do not welcome us with open arms even though, Guyanese are seen as the most hardworking and excellent workers of all the people in the Caribbean, this dark side that others cast upon good Guyanese continues to haunt us.  Simply put Guyanese people are not trusted anymore. We are seen as some kind of a bad influence in an otherwise good nation and this must stop. Most Guyanese are good, law-abiding citizens but for some reason the criminal behaviours of others are tainting all of us. This has to stop.  Today Guyanese and criminals are synonymous.  How can we turn this tide around.

It is election time and if people are sensible they would insist that getting a handle on crime – zero tolerance – should be the top of any agenda following by economic strategy to get people working and well paid. I always say that Guyanese are not afraid of hard work or hardship if they can live in peace. Peace of mind is key. You can work hard but if someone is going to kill you for it or rob you of it what’s the point. Let’s get Guyana back to its roots of non-violent peace-loving people.


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