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Heard Teacher Vira Davidson Passed Away at 105 February 20, 2012

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This is news for my people from Phoenix Village Leguan Island. She taught many of us.  The little short woman who presented a tough front in class but wasn’t too bad a person. She loved her students and tried to make good of us but bouy she used to fire that black sage stick quite liberally. I liked her though because she made you feel special like she really cared.

She lived a long life. I hope it was a happy one. I think she lived in USA for the  35 to 40 years. Her son James sent for her and she has lived with him or Cleo, her daughter in the USA ever since.  IF anyone of you have more information about her, please post it. Thanks. I’d like to hear more about he.


One Response to “Heard Teacher Vira Davidson Passed Away at 105”

  1. Silverene (Silva) Says:

    May God Bless and keep you safe always Teacher Vira. You were always kind and loving to me. Thank you. Silverene Oree 🙂

    *Does anyone have a photograph of Teacher Vira?*

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