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April 6, 2012

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Sea Defence breach at Leguan

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Several homes and farms are under almost 2 feet of water on the Essequibo Island of Leguan, following a major sea defence breach in the Phoenix area early Friday morning, residents confirmed.

According to member of the Neighborhood Democratic Council Inshan Ayube, the breach took place around 3 am.

He said that the area is under almost 2 feet of water as shops, houses and farms are all flooded and a significant amount of livestock threatened.

Ayube noted that the water will however recede with the tide as the NDC is using alternative draining as well to get the water off the land.

” But the problem is the tide will change just now and the water will come back, so what we need to do is to seal the breach temporarily, with some sand bags until Tuesday” Ayube told INews Guyana(

He said that the sea defence crew in the area is not at work and cannot be located.

Ayube said there are contractors on the island with excavators that are willing to assist and will be moving to the area to seal the breach temporarily.

Works minister Robeson Benn told INews Guyana ( that there was no breach, but rather major over-topping, due to high tide.

Benn said sea defence engineers are in the area and are putting systems in place to prevent a recurrence.

He noted that the water has receded.

According to Benn, the tide was about 3.45 meters on Friday, which caused the over topping.




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