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Here’s good joke September 25, 2012

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Lowering Your Phone Bill in the W.I.


The house phone bill was exceptionally high, so the man of the house

called a family meeting on a Saturday morning after breakfast.


DAD :  People, ‘ere mi now – Dis wrong. You haffi cut back pon the long

distance and cell phone calls dat unuh mekking on the house phone. De

phone bill getting very high, and me not even use the house phone fi dem

calls any more. Mi use the one ah mi office.


MUM : Same here. Mi hardly use de house phone, because mi mek most of mi calls pon mi work phone.


SON :  Me too. Mi stop use the house phone long time. Mi always use mi company mobile weh dem gimme.

 HELPER (MAID) : So, wha de problem? Look like all ah wi a use wi work phone then!


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