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Don’t get me started with this organic hype April 6, 2015

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Organic means you are going to pay more for the same product. What the hell is organic coming from the Caribbean? Everything I ate as a child was organic because no one used any evil stuff on our food. Our fertilizer were the cowdung, sheep dung and fowl dung, everything was dung.  Everything was fresh. We never had a refrigerator and every single day my mom cooked up fresh food , nowadays with all the conveniences around people still have no time to cook for their family, but stuff things in fridge and pass that off as food warmed in micro-wave ovens.  Is it any wonder people are living long only because of ,medical intervention. If there was no medicine people would have been dying by 40 years  old.  This expanding life expectancy in the west is not because of health outcomes but because of pills and machines that are keeping people breathing.

My folks live up to their 80’s and died with dignity. they had their wits about them, they raised their family and I believe were ready to go with everything they came with.  The only pills my mother took was for her high blood pressure, other wise everything was in tact and she died of a broken heart three months after my dad passed away. They worked hard and ate well and raised us to cook and eat good food – maybe a little less salt.

So this thing that people are throwing at us to make us pay more money for food is a fraud. You have to pay more for free run eggs and free run chickens and grass-fed cows – what’s going on here are these not the natural things that should happen.  We are living in a messed up society where they care more about money than you where pharmaceuticals and the food producers are in collusion to keep us unhealthy and feeding us pills, antibiotics and chemicals to keep us dependent on more chemicals. Wake up people and if you have a patch of land, plant your own food, move to the country, raise a couple of chickens or go vegetarian, you will be healthier and happier.  Let us return to how our old people in Leguan lived and taught us to live.


One Response to “Don’t get me started with this organic hype”

  1. Aptie Sookoo Says:

    Thanks! For publishing your article on organic foods. I truly enjoy reading it. I have decided to add my swing to the conversation that you have stated.

    Organic food is defined as “A broadly defined category of food which, in the purest form, is grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides and sold to the consumer without adding preservatives and synthetic food enhancers; it is widely believed by advocates of alternative healthcare that organically grown foods are safer and more nutritious; however, there are no compelling data that demonstrate clear superiority of organic over non-organic foods”.


    The development of vaccines for preventable illnesses; improvement in sanitation; enhanced drinking and recreational water quality; early diagnosis and treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases; sensitive medical devices and improvement in institutional care etc. have also significantly contributed to longevity among first world people.

    Leguan Island was made by alluvial deposits and consequently very fertile. I do believe that over the years its soil has lost much of its nutrients, and requires soil conditioner (composted material) or even cattle/sheep/goat/chicken manure in an effort to have enhanced crop yields. The problem is that the natural fertilizers are so hard to get; difficult to manage, so as to prevent nuisances and health hazards. Artificial fertilizers are easily obtainable and their nutrients ratios are scientifically tailored to meet plant growth and crop yield ratio. The situation today is different since people are living on smaller lot of land (increase density); restrictions imposed by landlords; increase cost for watering the garden as there is scarcely any pond for retaining storm water; rain barrels are hardly seen etc. Also, farmers are looking for big bucks and are targeting consumers who are too willing to pay for their favorite fruits and vegetables. The majority of today farmers do not share the farming techniques of those demonstrated by our parents. Yes! Very little knowledge on traditional farming methods persist and will never come back to what it used to be, as there is no willingness to return to basics. Current generation does not understand much about free range poultry as well as traditional animal husbandry and pasture management. They know about intensive poultry/pig/cattle farming; growing grass as a crop; zero grazing etc. Incidentally, I visited Leguan last September and was surprised to learn that many residents routinely purchase their supply of vegetables at Parika. I was born in Leguan, lived in Enterprise but left during 1973 for higher education.

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