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Big Squall in Blenheim September 8, 2016

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Ah read in the news that Leguan had a bit of a squall scare – call it our equivalent of a hurricane because we nah custom to dat kind of a weather, house blown over, trees uprooted, eh, eh. Dat is bad.  Everybady talkin bout the storm, people ova seas and facebook community start praying fuh de people.. Luckly nobady died.  Tank de Lard fuh dat.  Dese days wid the global warming everything is rising, cooling and slamming about the place.  Wanda what happened to de fowls, chickens, goat,s cow and so an. Ting nah looking good when hurricane storm touch Guyana.  We can’t do nuttin bout it but pray dat it move towards  Venezuela – dey gat more land an ting. Gad forgive me.


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