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Leguan got its name from Iguana February 5, 2017

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This Island had an abundance of iguanas, the edible reptile Leguanites like to call gren chicken.  As  child I loved eating iguana curry especially the eggs but I m a vegetarian now and even if I wasn’t I do not think my stomach could take this. Young boys used to hunt iguanas with their dogs.  Iguanas like to bury their eggs in the sand and dogs could sniff it out easily.  They’ve been over hunted and soon there may not be any iguanas on the island.  It is one of our wild life and should be protected.

According to Hans, local reporter,  the iguana will be vanish in few years time in history books. Only the name of the island will remembering then on the iguanas. The responsible authorities doing nothing so far to protect the iguana in Leguan.

The picture show a female iguana, which will be killed for a iguana curry with eggs; a savory meal






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