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Violence or madness February 25, 2012

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Bodies of Guyanese couple found in NY apartment



-murder/suicide suspected

The bodies of Guyanese Ramcumar “Narresh” Bandhoo and his girlfriend Rafeena Rahaman

DEAD: Rafeena Rahaman and Ramcumar Bandhoo

were found at around 13:20 hrs yesterday inside their home at Lot 6, Mynderse Street, Schenectady, New York. Reports from New York’s Fox News indicate that Bandhoo stabbed his girlfriend to death in a jealous rage before taking his own life. According to the reports, police acted on a tip in the form of a telephone call which led them to the house. Police say at about 1:30, officers responded to several reports of a man with a knife. When they showed up at the home, they had to force entry and found two people dead inside, one of whom had been stabbed. One of the neighbors, according to a Times Union news reports, said he had let the woman use his cell phone around 1:25 p.m. February 15 to make an emergency call after she dashed from her house in only her nightgown frantically screaming, “Somebody help me, he’s going to kill me.” His wife, who also refused to give her name, said the woman always kept to herself. “She was a very sweet person and didn’t bother anybody,” said the neighbor, who believed the woman worked at a supervisor at a hotel in the Albany area. Rafeena’s ex- husband, Imran Alli, spoke to New York’s Fox News and stated that he and his ex-wife have three kids together, all in their 20s. Reports indicate that Imran may have been one of the last people to talk with Rafeena before she was killed. “I am still in shock. I talked with her ten minutes before she died,” explained Imran Alli, who tells FOX23 News his ex-wife, Rafeena Rahaman, called him at 9:30 Thursday morning saying she was fighting with her boyfriend. At 1 pm, she called back and said her boyfriend (Bandhoo) got in the house. “I told her to call the cops and I would call her back and we would see about things, but I never heard back from her,” Alli said. According to the report, Alli added that he knows there is a history of domestic violence between Rafeena and her boyfriend. “Just last week he threatened her and told her not to call the cops and said it was him or the kids,” Alli told us. In the report, Alli alleged that Bandhoo was possessive and says Rafeena was trying to get out of the relationship and move back to New York City. “I think that was the confrontation today, he wanted one last chance and she agreed,” Alli said. “He told her he loved her, but what kind of love is that?” When Kaieteur News caught up with Bandhoo’s family at Esther Street, Edinburgh, Berbice, yesterday, the family was reluctant to comment, explaining that they are awaiting more information out of New York before making any pronouncements. His sister, Sumintra Persaud, told this publication that her brother left Guyana over seven years ago and met Rahaman in the US. He is a carpenter. They have been “living home for a few years”, she stated. Speaking at his parents’ residence, Persaud added that her mom received a phone call on Thursday around 19:00 hrs “that he [Bandhoo] had died…committed suicide”. “We are waiting for more details– don’t have much details”, she added. His other sister, Naline Albert, told this newspaper that the couple’s marriage was “rocky” and had lots of ups and downs. “They had a very rocky relationship. They left and take back each other lots of times and he had a mark on his back where she bite him.” The man’s mother, Chanrannie Bandhoo, descri

The dead man’s mother and three daughters

bed her son as “a very loving and hardworking son…he talk to me two weeks ago”, she said while breaking down in tears. He was her only son, she said, and she is “very devastated”.

Schenectady County and City law enforcement officials gather outside of 6, Mynderse Street, where the couple lived

From a previous marriage, Bandhoo leaves to mourn three daughters: Nikita Khan 19, Cynthia Sookcharran, 17 and Keisha Bandhoo, 14. Rahaman also has three children.