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Check out this article September 17, 2012

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Moruca sisters giving back to their community February 3, 2012

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Regina and Steph in Moruca

Regina Rodrigues and Stephanie Walls are two sisters who hail from Moruca but now living in Canada. Both have recently retired. Young retirees. Now they dedicate their lives to giving back to the community. They raise funds throughout the year from family and friends which they use to buy toys for the children and other stuff to make life a little more enjoyable for a community that nurtured the good folks these two women are.  They have fun doing it. Regina has active profile on Facebook dedicated to connecting Moruca folks all over the world and it is thriving.

I am inspired by the work of these two women. Guyana has many pockets of poor and needy people and children. Not everyone has a relative to send them barrels every year or send them a little money to help out now and then. We have to find those pockets and make a difference like Regina and Stephanie are doing.

Adopt a village. If your own village do not need you try another one that does. Your contribution does not have to big but enough to make a difference in the lives of those who need.

The sisters are in Guyana at this time and here is an observation made by Stephanie in Facebook:

They (the women in Moruca)  endure a lot. They work the fields, they take care of their families. They cope with lack of money, the rainy weather and everything else and they laugh out loud. We were pulling up at Kumaka one day last week (in the rain) and two ladies were chatting on the pier and laughing out so loudly that I had to smile as well. Laughter is infectious and perhaps it helps people to cope. They welcome visitors with open arms. They are generous and they share the little they have and cannot do enough to make visitors feel welcome. They get old and die and are buried in the cemetery at Santa Rosa and the young ones become the old ones – and they keep on going. Moruca has not changed a lot, except there are now motorized vehicles – and cell phones. EVERYONE has one (lol). The above is a tribute to the Moruca women – women like Minerva, Whanita, Lena, Carol, Toolie, Bonnie, Thecla, Tr. Atty, Dolly, Elaine and the younger women like Natalie, Simone Fredericks, Donette, Whanita’s Amy, to name a few.