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Georgetown Mayor stepping down due to ill health April 3, 2012

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According to INews Mayor Hamilton Green is suffering from an undisclosed illness for which he makes frequent trips out the country for treatment.   Greeen has been Mayor since 1993.


Listen to Guyana New Session of Parliament February 27, 2012

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Is Ramotar the Hope for Guyana – Jagan Jr. Believes so February 19, 2012

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Believes Ramotar can reverse the trend

Dr Cheddi ‘Joey’ Jagan has joined the alliance of the party his father, Dr Cheddi Jagan, founded because he believes its Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar, can reverse corruption and other ills in the country. Jagan, who admitted to only recently trying to raise funds overseas to manage his own political movement, said he has joined the Civic alliance of the People’s Progress Party (PPP) out of his own desire with no promises to gain anything if the party chalks up its fifth consecutive victory at the polls. “I am not interested in power. I am more interested in conscience and I feel that I can add to the humility, conscience and incorruptibility which Cheddi Jagan set out as the cornerstone of the PPP/Civic,” he told reporters at the party’s Freedom House headquarters in Georgetown, yesterday.

Joey Jagan reads his statement endorsing Donald Ramotar

“That is why I seek no position, no material gain or no moral high ground. I am just coming home to ensure President Cheddi’s legacy.” Jagan said that he sees corruption not just at the “top level” but “down to the lowest” but he believes Ramotar is committed to stamping out corruption. “A new leaf has to be turned over,” he said. Jagan said that he speaks from his heart when he says that hope is “alive and well” in the party his “great father built and nurtured throughout his illustrious life. That is what brought me back home.” However, he said that he still stands by his vocal criticism of the government and will continue to speak his mind where he sees injustice. Jagan, who runs a dental practice in the city, said he still believes in all Guyanese uniting regardless of race, gender or religion, emphasizing that there must be “a real sharing of the whole pie.” He said that he believes in total freedom of the press, which he sees as one of the most important pillars of a true democracy. The private sector should be the engine of growth and workers deserve a good pay to make their lives better, Jagan added. While he has been a thorn in the flesh to the PPP, even when his mother, the late Janet Jagan was President, Jagan yesterday deflected that “no party anywhere is perfect; no party anywhere is always on the right track; no party anywhere always does things which are completely reasonable and the PPP/C is not occupied by Gods, but by mortals.” Jagan said that the party’s Civic component should be forceful, supportive and have a real say in how things are run in the country. “My father’s dream was to build a strong Civic in order to juxtapose different viewpoints and answers and to attract all those who support a common goal but do not want to join the PPP directly,” Jagan stated. Jagan hailed the PPP Presidential Candidate as a son of the soil and a seasoned and tireless worker who has worked for the benefit of the Guyanese people. “As President, he will be fair and open to all Guyanese; that he has pledged to me,” Jagan stated. “Ramotar stood by my father through thick and thin and as President he will stand by the citizens of Guyana through thick and thin; that he has pledged to me.” Jagan recognized Ramotar also as a family man of outstanding distinction, one who is honourable and not corrupt and as President will set  out to make all the Guyanese citizens his own family.