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Thanksgiving Day in Canada October 9, 2011

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There are lots of Guyanese living in Canada and today most of them will be eating turkey in addition to all the other Guyanese side-dishes – curry, rice, chow mein and so on.

I remember Thanksgiving at St. Barnabas Church in Phoenix where I was confirmed in as a child, during Thanksgiving Sunday people brought offerings from their farm to offer to the Church – plantains, eddoes, yams, bananas, fruits and so on.  This was then sold to the parishioners and the money went to the Church funds.

Today I thought of some of my old school friends and wondered if I would ever see or hear from them again. The internet is a great tool for connecting but you have to be connected – I thought of Rohan Tiwari, the Tiwaris lived over the bridge in a little house,  Prahalad, Sheila, Tiny, Dyah (Diah) and all the people of Phoenix who lived close by or whom I went to school with.

I think we ought to plan a reunion of students from Success CM School – that would be fabulous for our little villages. We can have a big day feeding the children providing books, gifts and so  while we all have a great time eating and drinking in the old village. How about that? Any takers who feel the same way. We have to start thinking of how to give back to our community that nurtured us as children.  Let’s start the ball rolling.  Let’s give thanks by sharing what we have with those who have not.