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The popsticle lady December 8, 2010

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If you lived in Phoenix Leguan you will remember Mrs. Sookram. They had a sweet shop at the end of the village just before the backdam road. Every afternoon about  three or four o’clock she or her husband would walk down the street with their flasks or coolers selling custard blocks or coolaid – for about a penny or 5 cents.  That was our kind of ice cream on a stick except it wasn’t on a stick.  On a hot day, that went down well.

     The Sookram were dark-skinned people, very short  and lives a quiet life.  Mrs. Sookram had a very fine voice. They had two children a boy and a girl.  You know, I can’t even remember their names.  I know my friend from Florida will remember, he has a good memory.  The son and me were in the same class and he used to act more Black than East Indian.  He had many black friends and the only Indian boy who used to attend the village dances and so on. He was a good dancer for an Indian guy.  You know although we grew up so close that East Indian people did not go to dances etc. they were more strict with their daughters but that didn’t stop any hanky panky.  Boyfriends and girl friends met by the light of the moon under mango or star apple trees or under the cloak of darkness under the bottomhouse at night – their parents blind as a bat never suspecting anything.

Anyway the Sookrams provided an important service and made a decent living from selling their coolaid and custard blocks.  They were delicious. It was heavy with vanilla essence and sweet.  It didn’t matter because we didn’t eat as much sweet as the children are today. Oh my God.  No wonder we have a weight problem all over the place.  In Leguan most of our sweet tooth was filled with mangoes, star-apple, sapadilla and papaya.