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Is it time for a Woman President in Guyana Time to Honour our First Nations October 29, 2011


Friday, October 28, 2011

By:     Valerie Garrido-Lowe   Leader – United Force

I would like to assure the constituents of the United Force that the Party is still alive and well, despite all the efforts by elements inside and outside of the UF to destroy what we stand for as a party and to impede the democratic principles on which the party was built. Their efforts have failed.


I would like my fellow Guyanese to know, especially my Amerindian brothers and sisters whom I have committed myself to serve when I accepted the Presidential Nomination of the United Force on May 29, 2011, that my commitment to serve them without fear or favour is unswerving.


My commitment remains resolute on course as it relates to the fight for the rights of Amerindians and all vulnerable groups. The wool that the current regime has placed over our eyes has blinded our constitutional rights for nearly 2 decades. In the case of the Amerindians, the hand outs of gifts in the form of a few solar panels and other basic infrastructure which is the roll and function of any government will no longer blind us…….it just will not suffice. Furthermore, it is the tax payers dollars that are providing these basic necessities.

Brothers and sisters, after consultation with my executives and longstanding UF members, we are now standing on the Alliance for Change platform for the upcoming General and Regional Elections. This is because they have provided a platform for us to continue our struggle to move this country forward.  We have recognized that the Alliance for Change Political Party is the only Party that has similar policies and programmes for the betterment and upliftment of all Guyanese.

And to their credit, they have shown nothing but great respect for the executives and members of the United Force under the leadership of yours truly, Valerie Garrido-Lowe. They have treated me, a woman and an Amerindian with utmost respect and graciousness. I must say this is a welcome change after the terrible treatment of victimization and intimidation meted out to my staff, members of the United Force and myself by Manzoor Nadir and his band of brigands just recently at Unity House.

So, we are joining our voices with a team of enlightened brothers and sisters who, like us, are also committed to the development of Guyana and its people, a team that is committed to the development of all races… where no race is treated as second class!

My brothers and sisters, these elections are not about the United Force Executive Committee and the lawful and unlawful faction of the United Force; it’s about you, the people of Guyana.

We know when you come out in large record numbers and join your voices with our brothers and sisters in the AFC, our voices will be heard and our votes will be counted. The call for change will be heard.

There is something happening not only in Guyana, but in the world, where regimes that have oppressed their citizens for years, are being removed.

There is something unfolding when I speak to Guyanese who are young in age and in spirit – who have never before participated in an election, or at least not in a constructive way, talking about policies and changes they want for their country. There is something happening in the minds of these youths because they know in their hearts that this time around it must be different.

It is heartening to know also that Guyanese, who voted for race because of ethnic influence, are beginning to understand that such reasoning is not going to put food on their tables or get them gainfully employed.

We have to understand that whether we are rich or poor; African Guyanese or Indian Guyanese; Amerindian or Chinese; Portuguese or Europeans; whether we live in region 4 or region 9; 6 or 10; 8 or 2; 5 or 1; 3 or 7; we have to be ready to take this country in a fundamentally new direction that will benefit us all. We must change the foot prints that have been flawed for more than 4 decades, we must change our course. The AFC will lead that change and I am asking all supporters of the UNITED FORCE to join in this united front as we join with the AFC to marshal the nation in this new direction.

This united front must be the new majority who will lead this nation out of the long political darkness it has endured for more than 46 years. We are tired of the division created by ethnic perspective that has been created by the current regime in government. Come November 28, we will get our chance to set things right for ourselves and our children and we must not let this opportunity slip us by.

Nominations Day _ October 27, 2011