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Leguan’s political son, Winston Murray, laid to rest December 29, 2010

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Scores of Leguan residents said goodbye to ‘Lloyd’, the name by which PNCR Parliamentarian Winston Murray was well known on the Essequibo River island, in a ceremony at the St. Peter’s Anglican Church today.

 The hearse carrying Murray’s casket driving along the stelling shortly after arriving on the island of Leguan.

Murray was interred in the Church’s cemetery just before 3 pm following tributes from the various administrative regions, close friends, and supporters, on the island of his birth. Under overcast skies, Murray’s body arrived at the island just before mid-day and was taken in a procession to the church for the service.

Murray’s casket in the churchyard of the St. Peter’s Anglican Church. To the left of the casket is Murray’s widow Marva, who is supported by a relative.

Following its conclusion, he was interred in the churchyard and six doves -representing the six races of Guyana, were released.

Murray’s associates taking his casket out of the hearse as they are about to continue the procession to the church on foot.

November 30, 2010 Guyanese turned out first at Parliament Buildings and then at the St George’s Cathedral to pay tribute to former deputy prime minister and PNCR-1G MP Winston Murray CCH who was remembered by political colleagues and friends as a patriot and selfless man who dreamt of creating a better Guyana.

Looks like Leguan Stelling


St. George's Cathedral


Winston Murray dead at 69

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Winston Murray

Read about the life and times of this incredible son of Leguan. I am proud of him.